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15 hours to reach one level: beginner to A1 promotion weeks during the month morning CHF 450
30 hours to reach two levels: beginner to A2 promotion weeks during the month afternoon 10 hours CHF 300/ 15 hours CHF 375

5 persons required to start the promotion week


The Institut Fazel method has been perfected over fifteen years. Mardjan Faregh,
the Director of the school, herself a linguist, discovered through working with students, learning languages, and studying various cultures that a new method
of instruction was needed.
Relying on her expertise, she created a teaching method which allows students
to have space while learning. What does this mean? The method, combined with
an atmosphere conducive to learning, lets students learn at their own pace,
in their own way.
By crafting language immersion courses to instill confidence in students from day one, the Institut Fazel method has a proven record of success.
For example, 100% of students who take exams through DELF/DALF (Alliance Française before that) achieve success. In addition, students who do not wish
to prepare for exams but attend regular classes show marked improvement month after month.
The Institut Fazel works. Come and see for yourself...


Some facts and figures

Over the last 23 years there has been a 100% success rate. Languages taught include: French, English, German, Spanish and, on demand, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Persian among others.
We have a team of 27 staff.

The bright and airy office space of 340 m2 has been carefully planned and created
to encourage a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to facilitate learning.between students and staff.

The location of the school is in the heart of the city of Lausanne. Four car parks,
an underground station and bus stops for Bus 6, 7, 13,16, 22 are all located near the entrance of the building.

Cultural education forms an integral part of the courses.

"Naturalisation" Courses for Swiss citizenship are provided as well