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Level guidance and New policy for Switzerland

Your level and what you can achieve

The following is the French language guide, but this is equally applicable to other languages.
With the number of hours and periods of 45 min advised most of the time.


Each lesson offers a new adventure!  Each lesson opens a new door and a fresh perspective on the language.  In brief, everything is new!

Elementary (A1)
Normally, approximately 45 hours or 60 lesson periods.

At Institut Fazel 30 – 45 hours

You are able to speak and also interact with others.  You are able to understand simple situations and daily life and also accomplish basic administrative functions.

Pre-Intermediate (A2)
Normally, approximately 135 hours or 180 lesson periods

At Institut Fazel 65 – 100 hours

You are able to understand the basic meaning of written texts, both leisure and work subjects.
You are able to explain themes and meanings.

Intermediate (B1)
Normally  to 135 to 187 hours or 180 to 250 lesson periods.

At Institut Fazel 75 to 120 hours

You are able to understand complex texts and give analysis.

You are able to argue and speak quickly and with ease.

You can write and present your point of regarding different social themes. 

Upper-Intermediate or Advanced (B2)
Normally, approximately 210 to 262 hours or 280 to 350 lesson periods.

At Institut Fazel 95 – 140 hours

You have the ability to explain, with ease, in front of an audience and discuss professional and social subjects.

You have acquired a rich and varied vocabulary and your understanding of the language covers sophisticated grammatical structures and verb tenses.

Advanced Near fluent (C1) and (C2)
Approximately 375 to 750 hours or 500 to 1000 lesson periods

At Institut Fazel 200 to 350 hours

You are able to understand all written texts and oral comprehension.

You have the ability to speak fluently.

If you want to work in English, the expected ability level is C1 and C2.


From 2019, in order to deliver or to renew the B o C permit Swiss authorities  will request an official certification. For B permit, A2 level for oral, A1 for written. For C permit, B1 oral and A1 written.







'The Institut Fazel method allows you to learn a language particularly quickly.  Because of this, time is saved and money is saved.'