Language School and Training in Cultural Awareness for Companies and Individuals

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General conditions for the courses/new rules due to COVID-19

Confidentiality guaranteed 

The programme may be modified depending on level of students and school requirements.

Enrolment is a contractual obligation in accordance with the general conditions available at all times on the website or at the Institut Fazel office.

For pre-enrolment for a course, the required form must be completed on the website or completed and handed into the reception of Institut Fazel. 

Pre-Enrolments are considered in the order they arrive and places available.

All pre-enrolments will receive a confirmation by e mail or courier by Institut Fazel and will be considered as a contractual engagement within the parameters of the law.

The fixed price is the price in force at the moment of request. The price is exempt of tax, since language courses are considered to be training courses (no VAT/TVA)


Immersion courses and promotional courses
Total payment is required before the beginning of the course.
Proof of payment needs to be shown, at the latest, before the first day of the course.

Non payment is not considered to be a form of cancellation of enrolment.

Long courses
Payment for long courses is in accordance with the plan chosen by the student on enrolment (instalments possible)

Each reminder for non-payment is subject to an administrative fee of CHF 50.

Course duration
Each period of the course is for 60 minutes + (and not for 45 minutes)

A certificate is issued by Institut Fazel, on request, at the end of each course.  Conditions are: you need to have followed a minimum of 80% of the course and to have paid the full amount due.

All materials belong to Institut Fazel and may not be copied.

Institut Fazel declines all responsibility for objects or clothing left in the office.

Cancellation and re-scheduling of the course
In case of insufficient numbers (minimum of 5 people) Institut Fazel reserves the right to delay the course to an alternative date.

In case of cancellation by the student, the course will be re scheduled to an alternative date.

Cancellation is possible, without charge, 24 hours in advance, provided the chosen course is a private lesson or a weekly group lesson organised on a 'made to measure' basis, and not part of a standard package.

Guaranteed Confidentiality. 

(New rules due to COVID-19

(As of 8 June, we are entering the third stage of de-confinement, and being an adult education provider, we are able to welcome you back.

However, COVID-19 is still here in Switzerland, and it will be necessary to continue to practice the social behaviour we have already adopted for the past three months, and to introduce some new precautions:

- Hands need to be disinfected when entering Institut Fazel on the right and several times during classes. Disinfectant will be provided at the entrance and on the tables in the classroom, the living room, in the toilets etc.

- A distance of 2 meters needs to be kept between the students and the teachers, and between the students themselves in the hallway and the lounge area.

- Protection screens will be placed in the classrooms with 3-5 students allowed in a classroom.  In group classes several protective screens will be used, in a private class one protection screen.

- Screens can be moved between classrooms and will be disinfected by teachers before and after lessons.

- The surfaces in the classroom will be disinfected by the teachers before and after each lesson.  This will include door and window handles, chair armrests, tables and protective panels, whiteboard, eraser etc.

- Unfortunately, the cafeteria will not be able to be used as before.The teachers will bring hot drinks, or the student can bring their own drink in their own container.)            

- Students should use the toilet near the Cafeteria.                              

- In case of cough/cold it is obligatory to wear a face mask.

- If a student feels unwell, it is compulsory to stay at home  

It will be also possible to choose to take on-line courses without any problem.

These protective measures are for all people who enter and leave our premises.


Institut Fazel looks forward to continuing with your classes and of course offering you a quality education.


May 2022